[VIDEO – ENG] Let’s Test Together: Asda’s Popcorn Chicken (vegan)

Hello, everyone!
Here’s another video in English! This time I’ll be trying a product that I saw on Instagram weeks ago and was very curious to taste… I’m talking about Asda’s Popcorn Chicken, something that I never ate in my entire life. I think this type of snack could be perfect as party food, or even for kids, certainly it’s not one of those things you should eat on a daily basis… you know what I mean? Anyway, it was fun to try, even though I was expecting a different outcome… 

Watch my video to see what I think about it (PS: at 2:15 I say “tastes of” instead of “tastes like”, I was clearly thinking in Italian, lol! Apparently the YouTube notes were removed in May, so I couldn’t correct it, sorry)! Oh, and don’t forget to click on the ads, thanks! :)